Wo ai cha!



China Memoirs #7

“Wo ai cha!” means, “I love tea!” literally in Mandarin Chinese spelled in pinyin.  Green tea is a popular drink in the land of China, both mainland and the associated regions of Hong Kong and Macau.  There are many varieties, 80% of which comes from the mainland of China itself.

Currently my wife, Jessie and I are imbibing a scrumptious and delectable drink called lucha (lew cha).  This the essential Chinese name for green tea on the mainland and specifically in Mandarin.  It also has Jasmine flower mixed in, to sweeten the bitter edge that can be associated with green teas.

My wife still loves her guihua (gway hwah) or osmanthus tea so much more, but when we decide to mix both the guihua and lucha together… well that is a party no one would forget 😉

Well… today is a day of relaxation.  With that I bid you adieu.



Chinese New Year Meditation


The China Memoirs #6

What is it like to try meditating during Chinese New Year?  It isn’t easy, if that was what you were thinking… 🙂

The Chinese have a long history celebrating Chinese New Year with big and loud sounds emanating from bright lights shooting up into the sky.  Yes, yes.. I am talking about fireworks.  They are a huge part of the North America’s celebration along with being a large part of many nations’ celebrations.  You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireworks if you are interested.

The Chinese especially have had fireworks as a part of their festivities since the 7th century when they were originally written about. Apparently the Chinese have ALWAYS known how to have a good time!  It is obvious when one is in China during these New Year celebrations, because for miles around in larger towns and cities (I am currently in a small town called Baoying, Jiangsu which is about 1 million people), fireworks can be heard for the whole day before Chinese New Year and the days following Chinese New Year.  Now… I know it is ONLY Chinese New Year’s Eve, but I have HEARD that the following days will be just as much as a ruckus.

As I was riding my bicycle to a supermarket today called, Lotte Mart, I saw stacks upon stacks of fireworks boxes along many roadside businesses and homes.  All I thought to myself was, “God, please protect me and my precious little ears!”  These fireworks are equivalent to the big boomers heard in the United States during 4th of July celebrations.  They are not just simple bottle rockets. They could easily equal that of a quarter stick of dynamite!  These Chinese don’t mess around!

As for my meditation in the mornings and evenings… one needs great concentration when attempting such as feat.  I am lucky that I have various techniques that my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, has taught me as I would not have a chance in heaven of maintaining any sort of bodily peace without them.

Here is another picture I would like to share of Guangzhou, Guangdong out of a hostel’s window when we went on our own vacation during this Chinese New Year.  http://360.io/ZVCadm  It is an interactive panorama site, so enjoy!

I know that in all things, meditation is the fastest way to reach the highest plateaus of self-realization.  I say plateaus because once you are there, nothing can tear it away from you.  Although peaks will be achieved in meditation, one still needs to operate successfully in this material world.  The plateau is still enough to maintain a blissful perspective on God’s eternal love.  All this is possible even if loud sounds are piercing your delicate eardrums.

Chinese New Year fireworks is not only to celebrate with families, but also to show God that thunder isn’t the only thing that can make a loud noise!  I think that God has given us these gifts of fireworks, family, and fun to help us to continue to release the past yearly tensions that may have arisen.  Let us make a new tradition… every time a firework is lit, let us think of it as a release of our past transgressions towards ourselves and others.

Peace to the Asian East on this Fantastic Chinese New Year’s Eve!


China Memoirs #5

Today I want to talk a little about Osmanthus fragrans.

This is a little known flowering plant of Japan, China, and, surprisingly, the United States.  It has many properties that help detox the body and strengthen its constitution.

The reason why I want to say a little diddy about this plant is because it is VERY popular in China.  The Chinese people put it in cakes and other sweet treats, besides the average use as a tea.  It can also be put into stews, soups, and mixed in with facials for the ladies (or the men that want exuberant-looking skin…).  Currently I am drinking it as a tea mixed with some Jasmine and green tea to help flush my own liver, whiten my teeth, and to improve lung health. China’s small and large cities/towns are polluted with either dirt or industry pollution and our lung constitutions are constantly being challenged.  These teas are considered essential living as a laowei (foreigner) in Asian cities.

This website: http://www.divineglowinghealth.com/the-amazing-benefits-of-osmanthus-flowers/ does a nice job of explaining its benefits.  The Wikipedia sites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osmanthus and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osmanthus_fragrans do this plant little justice.  However, this is what one can expect from an herb that is little researched in the western world, because it is traditionally used as a folk medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  On the second wikipedia site, there are two research articles done to show some of its benefits.


Hope you enjoy reading this!

Peace to the Asian East!


The China Memoirs #3

So… what to write about…

I discovered something really fantastic actually!  In China, where I am, just outside of Shanghai, they have a wide array of wonderful tasting foods from all over the world.  One in particular, that is really very tasty is Kinder Bueno.  It is a milk chocolate bar with a hazelnut filling.  It is made by an Italian company called “Ferrero.”  One has to wonder how something so small could taste so delightfully wonderful as this little morsel.

The one problem I currently have with this fantastic treat.. well I actually have two problems with it.  It has to do with its ingredients.

  1. It contains wheat flour: Wheat flour is the literally the devil for anyone that has a wheat allergy that is either a sensitivity or truly a celiac condition.  In either case, processed wheat flour has been known to cause a lot problems in the gut.  Mostly causing inflammation to those who have a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.  It is delayed in the way where one can eat it (like myself), feel pretty good for the first hour, but then start to feel really shiesty (that’s right… “shiesty” is a word in Dr. D’s Dictionary).  One could experience all sorts of symptoms including brain fog, fatigue, aches and pain, headaches, and etc., etc., etc.
  2. It also contains vanillin: Vanillin is a very sneaky little ingredient.  If it is synthetic, it has been said to contain MSG and possibly wheat gluten if the the alcohol that made it, contained wheat grain.  As if gluten was bad enough, MSG has been proposed as a neurotoxin, tricking the brain to eat more.  Although there is officially no list showing vanillin as a MSG-culprit, it appears that vanillin can cause negative effects in people including allergic reactions and migraine headaches.

Here is a link proving adverse effects: Vanillin

Here is another link showing many of the sources of:  MSG

I said I would try to write something everyday, BUT tomorrow I am going to the south of China with my wife.  Let us see, if we can still make this thing happen.

OM, Peace, and Amen my fine friends,


The China Memoirs #2

Today, was a day, that will go down in the history books in the life of Derek Simpson (me).  I was finally able to pay off one of my many school loans!  Whoopee!  Although it was very small… out of the 100’s of thousands of the dollars borrowed from the federal government of the U.S.A., it felt like a small victory.  I  mean, I do have TWO doctorates of medicine.  It does cost SOMETHING… .

Sitting here, watching another movie with the wife, looking at the final amount needing to be paid by my otherwise, less-than-adequate bank account, the numbers included in the final amount to be paid, $404.12 stood out in simple fashion.

There is something that I have always recognized, that not only there is purpose in major life events, but there is purpose in the things that seem small and coincidental in nature.  This was one of those moments.

There is a woman named Doreen Virtue.  She wrote a book called, “Angel Numbers,” along with many others. Here is a link…   It emphasizes that various 3-numbered patterns are given as divine messages by angels and/or angelic beings to provide a sense of direction for those undergoing some life change.  Those that are more attuned and aware of this process, may see these number patterns everywhere in the time (most common), book pages, license plates, and phone numbers.  If one does not look for the patterns directly, they will have more meaning, as the messages have a tendency to surprise the person when they do finally see the number patterns.

The “404” pattern essentially means that God and the angels want you to know that you are very loved.  Feel this love now, as it will help you to overcome any challenges you are feeling right now.  WELL… paying off over a very large loan debt can make a difference in a person’s perspective on what might be important… LOVE IS NECESSARY to overcome!

I did like that those numbers came into being.  They reminded me that I am not alone in this battle.  God and His angels are with me, leading the way, reminding that I have support.

Here is a photo of my Gurus and revered saints that are ever watching over me, during this time of change, renewal, and resurrection.

Om, Peace, Amen my friends,


The China Memoirs #1

I am back at it again!

This time, I promise, a new post each day!

Why do I say this… well…?  I was watching a movie with my wife last night called, “Julie and Julia.”  It was two different true stories about two different women linked by their love for cooking.  It was truly a splendid movie.  Instead of giving you all the gory details of the movie, I will share instead what it has convinced me of…

Jessie and I at the Great Wall
Jessie and I at the Great Wall
  1. WHO I AM (really) – Although I am a physician, I am also a writer and have dreamed of doing this since I was a young child. Which means I need to write!  Thus my decision to write something every day no matter how simple or mundane… just to try and get something out into the ether every day.  (I will warn you however, that my spelling and grammar may be terrible or “zao gao” as they say in Chinese Mandarin, but it is crucial that these posts are manifested.)
  2. Publishing – this is the one fear and setback that most writers experience.  We say to ourselves, “Can I really do this?”  “Can I really publish something that may take me years to write?”  “How can I really begin?”  The realization I came to after deep meditation, is that as soon as you have a blog (somewhere), write a post and then “publish” it to the site.  Voila!  You are now a writer!  You have now “published” something that you thought would takes years to do!  In reality… it only took about 30 minutes.  No editor required; only a little spellcheck and small revisions. Simple, right?  I realized that the simple act of publishing a post to the internet allows for the Laws of Attraction to hear your plea for, “I am ready to bring my ideas to the world.”
  3. Joy – Writing is where my joy lies and in that joy, true realization will spring forth.  Writing even now as these words pour out onto the page, I know they are not truly from this body I inhabit, but from a universal SPIRIT that is manifesting its pure nature within a tiny earthly vessel.  Joy is universally abundant and all of us need to find our joy, otherwise when we leave this earth, we will continue to come back again and again until we get it right.

One thing that I love about being married to my wife is that she helped me to find my joy.  She is usually so joyful, all the time, but I could never discover why.  She knows that SPIRIT lies deep within and knows that the wellspring of joy is available to her needs as a human being.  Whether she knows this consciously, subconsciously, or superconsciously does not matter.  She manifests it wholly and purely without hesitation towards those who need it.  She is truly altruistic.  How lucky am I to have such a wonderful be-ing by my side, reminding me of what real joy is.

More posts to come!  I promise!  I will be on vacation (away from my vacation as an ESL teacher) in the deep south of mainland China, so I may not be able to publish every day, BUT I will surely try!  I have my iPhone with me and I will have the wordpress application, so even if it is simple and mundane, hopefully there will still be a picture attached expressing the nature of what we are doing.

Om, Peace, Amen.


Through Change Comes the Changeless

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