Sunny Suzhou

China Memoirs #12

My wife and I just went on a trip to Suzhou, China.  This city is considered the venice of China because of all the canals that line the historic district and beyond.  Below are some pictures I took on my panorama application on the iPhone 4.  I am going to imbed them as flat images and then link them to the website so that you can view them also as a panorama image.

Times Square, Suzhou


Blue and White Monstrosity (seriously LARGE…)


Ancient Wall


End of a random canal street

Suzhou.End of Canal Street

Isthmus, Suzhou Zoo


Jasmine Tree? (sure smelled like it!), Suzhou Zoo


The Wife (main event)


Scholars Hotel Garden (awesome hotel…)

Suzhou.Scholars Hotel

Humble Administrator’s Garden Part I


Humble Administrator’s Garden Part II


Humble Administrator’s Garden Part III


Humble Administrator’s Garden Part IV – Pagoda


I should have a few more posts before we come back from China.  We have about 6 1/2 weeks to go!  It has been fun, but our time is running out here.  See you soon family!

Dr. Derek



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