Chinese 9th Grade Education

The China Memoirs #11

Currently I am still in China with my wife and I saw something really interesting today that I want to share with everyone back home.

Ninth Graders in China are currently preparing for a very large test that will allow them into high school… really? [High school goes from 10th to 12th grade in China.]  In the states we NEVER had an ENTRANCE exam into high school, BUT Chinese students can receive high school completely free until they graduate. Only the very best students can have entrance into high school as long as their grades are sufficient.  These students have to suffer through some serious rigorous examinations for both Chinese and English.  As English is a REQUIRED language in China for all students until and through 9th grade.  Just think if Spanish, French, or Chinese was a required language for all of Americans… all students then could claim bilingual status and everyone (I think) would get along just that much better 🙂

Here is a picture from the current middle school that we taught in Xi An Feng.

Xi An Feng Middle School
Xi An Feng Middle School

Here is another link to the same photo:

The above link is to a “panorama”-like photo that is taken with Occipital 360 application on my iPhone.  It works pretty good.

Here is a slew of other photos with the amount of books that they carry during their 9th Grade term… I feel like these kids think that this 9th Grade exam is insurmountable at best.

IMG_7341 IMG_7342 IMG_7343 IMG_7344 IMG_7345 IMG_7346

Not gonna lie… these kids are quite adorable and really do work hard to get their grades top notch.

Anyways!  We will be back in the states soon enough!  Excited to continue  teaching, BUT the prospect of being in Chicago with my family (when it isn’t blizzarding outside) will be quite nice indeed!

~Dr. 😀


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