Chinese New Year Meditation


The China Memoirs #6

What is it like to try meditating during Chinese New Year?  It isn’t easy, if that was what you were thinking… 🙂

The Chinese have a long history celebrating Chinese New Year with big and loud sounds emanating from bright lights shooting up into the sky.  Yes, yes.. I am talking about fireworks.  They are a huge part of the North America’s celebration along with being a large part of many nations’ celebrations.  You can read more about it here: if you are interested.

The Chinese especially have had fireworks as a part of their festivities since the 7th century when they were originally written about. Apparently the Chinese have ALWAYS known how to have a good time!  It is obvious when one is in China during these New Year celebrations, because for miles around in larger towns and cities (I am currently in a small town called Baoying, Jiangsu which is about 1 million people), fireworks can be heard for the whole day before Chinese New Year and the days following Chinese New Year.  Now… I know it is ONLY Chinese New Year’s Eve, but I have HEARD that the following days will be just as much as a ruckus.

As I was riding my bicycle to a supermarket today called, Lotte Mart, I saw stacks upon stacks of fireworks boxes along many roadside businesses and homes.  All I thought to myself was, “God, please protect me and my precious little ears!”  These fireworks are equivalent to the big boomers heard in the United States during 4th of July celebrations.  They are not just simple bottle rockets. They could easily equal that of a quarter stick of dynamite!  These Chinese don’t mess around!

As for my meditation in the mornings and evenings… one needs great concentration when attempting such as feat.  I am lucky that I have various techniques that my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, has taught me as I would not have a chance in heaven of maintaining any sort of bodily peace without them.

Here is another picture I would like to share of Guangzhou, Guangdong out of a hostel’s window when we went on our own vacation during this Chinese New Year.  It is an interactive panorama site, so enjoy!

I know that in all things, meditation is the fastest way to reach the highest plateaus of self-realization.  I say plateaus because once you are there, nothing can tear it away from you.  Although peaks will be achieved in meditation, one still needs to operate successfully in this material world.  The plateau is still enough to maintain a blissful perspective on God’s eternal love.  All this is possible even if loud sounds are piercing your delicate eardrums.

Chinese New Year fireworks is not only to celebrate with families, but also to show God that thunder isn’t the only thing that can make a loud noise!  I think that God has given us these gifts of fireworks, family, and fun to help us to continue to release the past yearly tensions that may have arisen.  Let us make a new tradition… every time a firework is lit, let us think of it as a release of our past transgressions towards ourselves and others.

Peace to the Asian East on this Fantastic Chinese New Year’s Eve!



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