China Memoirs #5

Today I want to talk a little about Osmanthus fragrans.

This is a little known flowering plant of Japan, China, and, surprisingly, the United States.  It has many properties that help detox the body and strengthen its constitution.

The reason why I want to say a little diddy about this plant is because it is VERY popular in China.  The Chinese people put it in cakes and other sweet treats, besides the average use as a tea.  It can also be put into stews, soups, and mixed in with facials for the ladies (or the men that want exuberant-looking skin…).  Currently I am drinking it as a tea mixed with some Jasmine and green tea to help flush my own liver, whiten my teeth, and to improve lung health. China’s small and large cities/towns are polluted with either dirt or industry pollution and our lung constitutions are constantly being challenged.  These teas are considered essential living as a laowei (foreigner) in Asian cities.

This website: does a nice job of explaining its benefits.  The Wikipedia sites: and do this plant little justice.  However, this is what one can expect from an herb that is little researched in the western world, because it is traditionally used as a folk medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  On the second wikipedia site, there are two research articles done to show some of its benefits.


Hope you enjoy reading this!

Peace to the Asian East!



2 thoughts on “China Memoirs #5”

  1. Hey Jennifer!

    Well.. this little herb is harder to find in the United States, but I think one would find success either online or at a more gourmet tea shop like “Teavana” or otherwise. Unfortunately that means it may be a little more expensive, but it is no ordinary tea either. I could be wrong, as I have just discovered this tea in China, but one could look in Dekalb at Duck Soup Coop, Hyvee, or possibly the House?

    I am trying to think of places that could sell it. Duck Soup Coop would be probably be the best place to start, otherwise I may just have to bring some home for you!

    Try first health food stores close to you, then the internet.

    Let me know what you find!

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