The China Memoirs #3

So… what to write about…

I discovered something really fantastic actually!  In China, where I am, just outside of Shanghai, they have a wide array of wonderful tasting foods from all over the world.  One in particular, that is really very tasty is Kinder Bueno.  It is a milk chocolate bar with a hazelnut filling.  It is made by an Italian company called “Ferrero.”  One has to wonder how something so small could taste so delightfully wonderful as this little morsel.

The one problem I currently have with this fantastic treat.. well I actually have two problems with it.  It has to do with its ingredients.

  1. It contains wheat flour: Wheat flour is the literally the devil for anyone that has a wheat allergy that is either a sensitivity or truly a celiac condition.  In either case, processed wheat flour has been known to cause a lot problems in the gut.  Mostly causing inflammation to those who have a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.  It is delayed in the way where one can eat it (like myself), feel pretty good for the first hour, but then start to feel really shiesty (that’s right… “shiesty” is a word in Dr. D’s Dictionary).  One could experience all sorts of symptoms including brain fog, fatigue, aches and pain, headaches, and etc., etc., etc.
  2. It also contains vanillin: Vanillin is a very sneaky little ingredient.  If it is synthetic, it has been said to contain MSG and possibly wheat gluten if the the alcohol that made it, contained wheat grain.  As if gluten was bad enough, MSG has been proposed as a neurotoxin, tricking the brain to eat more.  Although there is officially no list showing vanillin as a MSG-culprit, it appears that vanillin can cause negative effects in people including allergic reactions and migraine headaches.

Here is a link proving adverse effects: Vanillin

Here is another link showing many of the sources of:  MSG

I said I would try to write something everyday, BUT tomorrow I am going to the south of China with my wife.  Let us see, if we can still make this thing happen.

OM, Peace, and Amen my fine friends,



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