The China Memoirs #2

Today, was a day, that will go down in the history books in the life of Derek Simpson (me).  I was finally able to pay off one of my many school loans!  Whoopee!  Although it was very small… out of the 100’s of thousands of the dollars borrowed from the federal government of the U.S.A., it felt like a small victory.  I  mean, I do have TWO doctorates of medicine.  It does cost SOMETHING… .

Sitting here, watching another movie with the wife, looking at the final amount needing to be paid by my otherwise, less-than-adequate bank account, the numbers included in the final amount to be paid, $404.12 stood out in simple fashion.

There is something that I have always recognized, that not only there is purpose in major life events, but there is purpose in the things that seem small and coincidental in nature.  This was one of those moments.

There is a woman named Doreen Virtue.  She wrote a book called, “Angel Numbers,” along with many others. Here is a link…   It emphasizes that various 3-numbered patterns are given as divine messages by angels and/or angelic beings to provide a sense of direction for those undergoing some life change.  Those that are more attuned and aware of this process, may see these number patterns everywhere in the time (most common), book pages, license plates, and phone numbers.  If one does not look for the patterns directly, they will have more meaning, as the messages have a tendency to surprise the person when they do finally see the number patterns.

The “404” pattern essentially means that God and the angels want you to know that you are very loved.  Feel this love now, as it will help you to overcome any challenges you are feeling right now.  WELL… paying off over a very large loan debt can make a difference in a person’s perspective on what might be important… LOVE IS NECESSARY to overcome!

I did like that those numbers came into being.  They reminded me that I am not alone in this battle.  God and His angels are with me, leading the way, reminding that I have support.

Here is a photo of my Gurus and revered saints that are ever watching over me, during this time of change, renewal, and resurrection.

Om, Peace, Amen my friends,



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