The China Memoirs #1

I am back at it again!

This time, I promise, a new post each day!

Why do I say this… well…?  I was watching a movie with my wife last night called, “Julie and Julia.”  It was two different true stories about two different women linked by their love for cooking.  It was truly a splendid movie.  Instead of giving you all the gory details of the movie, I will share instead what it has convinced me of…

Jessie and I at the Great Wall
Jessie and I at the Great Wall
  1. WHO I AM (really) – Although I am a physician, I am also a writer and have dreamed of doing this since I was a young child. Which means I need to write!  Thus my decision to write something every day no matter how simple or mundane… just to try and get something out into the ether every day.  (I will warn you however, that my spelling and grammar may be terrible or “zao gao” as they say in Chinese Mandarin, but it is crucial that these posts are manifested.)
  2. Publishing – this is the one fear and setback that most writers experience.  We say to ourselves, “Can I really do this?”  “Can I really publish something that may take me years to write?”  “How can I really begin?”  The realization I came to after deep meditation, is that as soon as you have a blog (somewhere), write a post and then “publish” it to the site.  Voila!  You are now a writer!  You have now “published” something that you thought would takes years to do!  In reality… it only took about 30 minutes.  No editor required; only a little spellcheck and small revisions. Simple, right?  I realized that the simple act of publishing a post to the internet allows for the Laws of Attraction to hear your plea for, “I am ready to bring my ideas to the world.”
  3. Joy – Writing is where my joy lies and in that joy, true realization will spring forth.  Writing even now as these words pour out onto the page, I know they are not truly from this body I inhabit, but from a universal SPIRIT that is manifesting its pure nature within a tiny earthly vessel.  Joy is universally abundant and all of us need to find our joy, otherwise when we leave this earth, we will continue to come back again and again until we get it right.

One thing that I love about being married to my wife is that she helped me to find my joy.  She is usually so joyful, all the time, but I could never discover why.  She knows that SPIRIT lies deep within and knows that the wellspring of joy is available to her needs as a human being.  Whether she knows this consciously, subconsciously, or superconsciously does not matter.  She manifests it wholly and purely without hesitation towards those who need it.  She is truly altruistic.  How lucky am I to have such a wonderful be-ing by my side, reminding me of what real joy is.

More posts to come!  I promise!  I will be on vacation (away from my vacation as an ESL teacher) in the deep south of mainland China, so I may not be able to publish every day, BUT I will surely try!  I have my iPhone with me and I will have the wordpress application, so even if it is simple and mundane, hopefully there will still be a picture attached expressing the nature of what we are doing.

Om, Peace, Amen.



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