How do we love?

This is a question that most think they know the answer to, but most fail to truly act upon.  For it is in the doing that love works best for its highest purpose.  Some thoughts have resonated deeply within my own being to help propel my own doing. This includes:

  • Know what you find JOY in or what you enJOY.  These words are synonymous in similar ways, but work in different tenses.
  • Use what you enJOY to serve the highest purpose, which is to give and serve others.
  • Now… how do we serve others?  We do only what God (Universe, Jehovah, Yahweh, Para Brahman, Allah) would do for its own creation.
  • But… then how do we know what God would have us do?  This is simple.  For God, only wants us to love God, not the gifts that God gives, but the giver itself.  When we love God for God itself, we become aware of how to perform God’s will which is to serve our brothers and sisters to the highest, whether these brothers and sisters love us or not.

There are a few ways that I have found work the best to discover what God’s will is for our lives.  (I want all to know that I don’t use the phrase “God’s will” generally as though it is something so simple that can be derived from a sacred text, although sacred texts throughout religions and time immemorial provide valuable information as to how other seekers have discovered it.)  In an age where ancient texts are so difficult to apply to modern times, so simple disciplines can be performed to determine God’s will for one’s life.

  1. MEDITATE (pray, chant, etc.) – essentially create a quiet time for yourself at least twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening to quiet the mind and completely give oneself to God.  Use the phrase, “Wake up with God, and go to sleep with God,” to remind yourself of performing this simple quiet time.
  2. EXERCISE – another way to meditate just with activity.  In a world with extremely sedentary activities (including me writing this blog…), ALMOST EVERYONE needs some sort of body motion activity whether it is lifting weights, jogging, yoga, walking, swimming, cycling, rock climbing, you name it and if it creates full body motion, DO IT!  Activity helps to rewire the brain neurologically so that you can think more clearly and the increased circulation in blood vessels helps to grease those joints of yours.  Overall you feel healthier –> thus you are more joyful –> thus you love more easily!
  3. FOOD – what you put in, is what you get out.  Don’t think that eating that cheeseburger won’t eventually catch up to you… because it will!  Trust those that not only talk the talk, walk the walk, but also live to ripe old ages with their mind, body, and libido still intact.  You laugh 😛  but it is true!  You know those folks that I am speaking of… raw vegetables and fruits along with good protein sources and ample good fats will all the difference in how your emotions are played out.  Stable body = stable emotions = loving more easily!

These three basic things will help ANYONE to come to a level of joy that creates understanding in mind, body, and soul.  My suggestion is find a good Chiropractic/Naturopathic physician (such as myself…) to make sure that the body is tune-up, ready-to-go and receive the meditation, exercise and that with which you feed yourself more efficiently and effectively.  Any additional treatments that you decide to do on yourself… please, please consult your physician before doing so.

FINAL THOUGHT: If you feel joy, it is easy to feel love.  If you feel love then give it!  Do not be afraid.  For when your love is it given to others, it only grows exponentially. When you decide to give your love back to God, by only MEDITATING on how good God feels, then your joy will become infinitely present within yourself.

God’s will is simply this:  Love God with all your heart, mind, and body and love your neighbor as yourself.  If you don’t love yourself as well, try your best to love others, even if they don’t love you.  Reflect God’s love in every instant, for you do not know when it will mean the most in an individual’s life.

Remember friends, (great) food is medicine, and your health is truly your wealth.

Thanks for reading and be well in all things


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