Corn Reigns Supreme

Below are some notes that I took while watching “King Corn”.  It is a documentary that takes a closer look at the corn industry and how it has adversely affected the lives of farmers across the United States (particularly Iowa) and YOU.  The movie also shows, in great detail, how the corn industry has been subtly adding corn to every product that exists in our modern-day, industrial food supermarkets.

Take a look… and see with eyes that see and hear with ears that hear, for this will not be the last time that you will experience the information seen below.  This documentary is just the beginning of “food awareness education” for all of those out there to seek to understand.


by Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis

disclaimer: Grain-fed = Corn-fed

HFCS = high fructose corn syrup

Two friends made notes on what they ate because they discovered that their generation will end up living less years than previous generations because of the quality of their food.

Hair analysis of their heads showed that most of their carbon in their bodies are made from corn, meaning that the majority of what they eat is corn.

When they say the phrase “grain-fed,” they really mean “CORN-fed”.  All products that say “grain-fed” really mean that a majority of the feed used is corn for the cattle, pork, and now fish.

Essentially they decide to plant an acre of corn to see what happens to it.  How it is farmed, processed and packaged into our food; answering their initial question.  How can an acre of corn possibly get in their hair?

Native corn started in Mexico and originally had a higher protein content.  When the corn was bred out to just Yellow Dent, the corn became about 80% starch and 20% protein, if not less.

Yellow dent was the one species that came to dominate all other corn species.  This one type of corn is in a majority of the 47,000 products they have in a modern-day supermarket. Check out the links I have provided below for some extra education…

Government gives farms subsidies (money) to raise corn – if you raise it by yourself without the government you will end up losing money – the more corn you grow, the more money you get.  Famers usually only get about $18,000 per year on average and usually are in debt up to their ears (of corn), literally!  Reliance on the government for payment prevents them from truly making any real profit.

Using anhydrous ammonia fertilizer that helps to yield 4x as much crop creates more corn which is more money – it is all subsidized by the government.  These towns that use the fertilizer create so much corn that they do not have space to provide… so they have to utilize it somewhere….

These days it takes only 18 minutes to plant an acre of corn.  That is a lot of corn friends!

The corn seeds have been genetically modified to resist an herbicide called “liberty” that is used to kill the weeds – otherwise the herbicide will destroy the corn crop.

The commodity corn that is grown cannot be eaten by humans.  It is crop that has to be processed into something else before it can be eaten.  This is a vast majority of the corn crop that is grown.

Out of 10,000 lbs of corn, below is where it all ends up going to:

  • 32% exported or turned into ethanol (byproduct can be eaten by cattle)
  • 490 lbs will become sweeteners like HFCS
  • 5,500 lbs fed to animals to become meat or about 50%
  • 60% of ash fed to cows is corn

*I also want to direct you to this blog written by Deltaflow. One of the responses includes a reference to a website about how much of Iowa’s corn is used for different products.  You will also notice that when you go this reference it is no longer present.  It is under this link instead:

Corn has replaced grass as the principle feed for cattle

Most cattle do eat grass before they go to the feed-lots.  They go to these lots to get fatter quicker, but in reality they do not spend much time there at all.  There is less space for movement and so they get fatter quicker.  Cattle are not meant to be on that kind of diet – after 120 days of a corn raised diet they get ulcers in the stomach which is a high starch meal over a short period of time that causes acidosis – the corn feed also has small amounts of antibiotics as well – this helps to battle the acidosis.  Cattle consume 70% of the US antibiotics supply.  This helps them not get sick in their containment during fattening.

Some of the larger cattle facilities produce as much waste as city as large 1.7 million people

The cattle produced… their obese bodies create meat that looks more like fat tissue that muscle tissue that is seen in wild animals.   Grain-fed cow has as much as 9grams of saturated fat whereas a grass-fed animal will have 1.5g of saturated fat

America demands cheap food – these are the ideals of America.

Yellow Dent #2 is the kind that will yield the most amount of starch and this is why it is used to make HFCS and other sweeteners.

The two friends tried to make HFCS and realized it was terrible.  (Need to see the looks on their faces!)

Their ending conclusions = their acre of corn = was really an acre of sugar – go figure..

Yellow dent has like 80% starch and like 20% protein.. maybe less à that starch is then converted to HFCS which has no nutritional value, empty calories, and is linked to causing metabolic syndrome – this is the precursor to Type II Diabetes now seen very frequently in CHILDREN that drink soda pop flavored with HCFS.

1 soda per day doubles your chance of getting diabetes

Usually the fat that fries are fried in is corn or soy oil – essentially you are always eating Iowa food!

Farmer’s don’t eat their corn… really.  They may grind it up into cornmeal.. maybe…

They spend $350 to grow their acre of corn.  Basically they don’t make money off of selling the corn, it is money they get from the government from selling the corn.  That is what keeps the farmers afloat and that is why they have to continue to sell more and more of it.

So… that was the end of my notes.  I apologize is something is misspelled or grammar/syntax is not perfect… I don’t have interns that do this for me.  I am the one writing all my own material.

Be well friends!  Please comment and tell me what you think!

Dr. Derek, D.C.


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