Medical Mission to Nicaragua

So there he is, standing in the middle of the jungle, hand over his forehead to shield the sun and all is seen are two glowing eyes staring back at him….

No, no.. that is not how it happened….

The story really begins here: Dr. Derek Simpson is asking all those that are interested in serving the people of the world to support him on his journey to the Island of Ometepe of Lake Nicaragua.  The native peoples there are without any type of formalized/emergency medical care except for the help of the brave physicians, medical students and volunteers that choose to go there through the non-profit organization Natural Doctors International (NDI).

Dr. Derek’s personal goal is to make medical mission trips a regular occurrence in his own life so that he can expand his own healing abilities to all peoples, cultures, creeds and ethnicities.  Nicaragua is a first of many for Dr. Derek in his natural perseverance to overcome the barriers that plague modern industrialized societies.  A major barrier is fear.  The fear of having too much or not enough.  The fear of uncertainty.  Possibly even the fear of being aware of too much. Once an individual understands their own true potential to change the world for the better, they have two choices:  run from it or.. embrace it.

Please join the good doctor in his own challenge to raise enough money to begin his journey into uncertainty, having not enough and possibly knowing too much.

Be well friends!

If you are interested in donating:


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